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Originally Posted by Porsche9 View Post
I had some thing similar happen to me about 10 years ago. The door to the house was locked but I had left out of habit my Carrera unlocked and forgot to close the garage door. They took a tool box I had since I was 14 and the faceplate to my car stereo (remember those). Crime of opportunity for sure and I was pretty pissed at myself.

Good to hear the incident didn't end up with a car stolen or worse.
That is why I hate removable faceplates. Just something easy for opportunistic kids to steal. Much better to have locking radio codes. My experience with this kind of thing was when some kids stole the knobs off my radio and the engine hoist I borrowed from my garage. On a positive note, the guy gave me an old engine hoist and got a brand new one. :-/
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