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Originally Posted by MWS View Post
Second update...
Porsche still believes it is only the overflow cap, but will pull and inspect tank when IMS is being done. New total is about $5500, but rep assures me that is maximum. List of what is being done:
IMS (and all direct related)
Clutch plate
New climate control
Fuel filter (ok, but my request)
Oil filter
Brakes (f&r), pads only reminds me, ask about fluid/flush
Plugs & 2 new leads (asked why only 2, said "wouldn't bother with other 4")...well, ok.
Change coolant
New coolant cap (latest rev)
Inspect tank (hoses are ok)
Catalytic converter threw a CE error, but seems ok, error cleared
Check a/c refrigerant, replace as necessary
Pull AOS to inspect (replacement extra)
(I am looking at new tires or tire/rim upgrade, but separate post)

All things considered, I am pretty happy with cost and should restore car to top condition. Even for Porsche dealer service and all Porsche parts, this seem like a very reasonable price.

Any other "might as wells" people can think of would be greatly appreciated!
If he is going to "pull the AOS to inspect" I'd probably have him put a new one in...especially if it is the original. They are a PITA to replace.

Is he replacing the flywheel and pressure plate too, or just the clutch disk? Normally you'd replace the entire set and the throwout bearing while you were in there, then grease.

Two new leads? Does this mean the coils? Are they bad?

Do you have a bad climate control screen? New screens are $60 bucks...and not difficult to replace.

How much life left on brake rotors? I always do them together since rotors aren't too expensive and they have a tendency, nowadays, not to make it through two pad changes.

P.S. $7,700 now. :-\

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