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North FL folks - the FIRM in Starke is having a special for first timers to the FIRM

The FIRM in Starke FL is running a discount - Refer a friend and the friend gets 50% off an open track day and the referrer gets $50 off. Pricing for open track days is $214 ahead of time ($199 + tax) or $250 day of so 50% is a nice discount, and so is the $50. The next open track day is Saturday July 16th - several Boxster/Cayman/944 folks are going from the FL Crown region.

The details of the offer are on the FIRM's FB page here:

I can't seem to link the exact post but the text of it is this:

We want to pay you $50 to refer a friend to an Open Track Day , that's right, you get $50 bucks off a Track Day, and we will give them 50% off!! first time ONLY. If they have been here before they won't qualify. Please contact our staff to redeem your incentive. 352 473 2999

If anybody wants to go, call them, give them my name, let them know you are a first timer, and see what they tell you, mention me as the referrer - Steve Danielson, or if you know someone one else to refer you (I have already redeemed my $50 so I doubt I can do it twice but hopefully I can refer as many friends as want to come. Extra $50 would be nice if they will give it )

Their website is here:
Open Track Days (Track Attack Weekend)
Full Circuit

Here are some laps to get an idea of how the course is. Search youtube for the really fast laps - these ain't them.

Track Attack

(The video is behind the data, that is the one thing I hate about this app and they don't seem to be working on a fix...)

We (me and my buddies) are not going to register until Tuesday so that way we can check the weather. They allow you to move dates if you want but it is easier to wait until we know the weather before we register.

SA2005 and up, full face helmets only. You can bring passengers too for $25 I think.

Hope to see some folks from here out there.

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