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Windshield Hell

A rock bounced off my windshield over a month ago and put a nice little crack in it. So I called my local Porsche dealer and asked them for a recommended glass service, which they provided. Since then, this has been my experience:

Windshield #1 - took a week to get the windshield in, then we set up an appointment and the glass guy came to my house for the install. After arrival he realized Porsche had sent him the wrong one. Note: took a day off work for this.

Windshield #2 - a new one was ordered and came in a week later. Glass guy went to pick it up at the Porsche dealer and it was broken.

Windshield #3 - another week later a new one came in and we setup another appointment. He just came out last Friday, took the existing windshield off and realized it was the wrong one again. So now the car is sitting in my garage with no windshield.

Windshield #4 - expected to arrive today and install this afternoon, I'll let you know how that goes.

Didn't think it was this hard to replace some glass, a month has passed since I initiated the call to get a new one.
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