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Originally Posted by cellkid22 View Post
Thanks for the reply. The car is a 100% HPDE car so certs really don't matter. How big are you I am just trying to get a feel of any of these seats would support me enough. I am 5'9 with a 33" waist. Toss me out some prices and if not to inconvenient a pic or two.

5'9" 33" waist I think the Profi would be perfect for you or the Sparco Circuit Pro Halo seat. I am 6'2" 36" waist and 240 lbs. I can fit in the Recaro but it is tight! My waist fits in the Sparco but my shoulders are too wide. The base of the Cobra is perfect for me but my shoulders are a touch too wide. I have resolved never to buy another seat unless I have sat in it first!

Here is the Profi. It was originally red but I bought new cushions and seat cover from Recaro and installed them. You can see a little red peeking out in the left of the picture from the covering on the seat base but you can't see it when the seat is installed. Not included is the synthetic leather "Recaro" seat bolster protector that is installed on the right side of the seat as I have moved that over to the replacement for this seat. I got it from eBay

Edit: this is a rough picture - when I get back I'll take it outside and get some better pictures... This is the only picture I have on my phone that doesn't have someone sitting in the seat which mostly blocks the seat...

Here is what is included:

Recaro Profi seat:
Recaro Profi Recaro Profi XL SPG Fixed Bucket Racing Seat-Stable Energies

Steel Profi side mounts:
Recaro Side Mount Bracket - per seat-Stable Energies

Recaro slider: (I am 99.9999% certain it is double locking, I can confirm)
Recaro Seat Slider-Stable Energies

Brey-Krause tunnel side seat belt receptacle adapter
Brey Krause Tunnel Side Seat Belt Anchor

Brey-Krause seat track adapter
Brey Krause R-9040 Recaro Slider Adapter - Porsche 996/997/986/987

BK Sub bar
Brey Krause Sub Belt Mount - Porsche 996/997/Boxster/Cayman

I am looking for $650 for all of this. Until a week or two ago I had this installed as the passenger seat in my car. It has everything needed for installation.

I would recommend you get an extra seat belt receptacle from Woody and put it on this seat as it is a hassle to get it off of the old seat due to having to remove it from the wiring harness. Not that bad, but it is a hassle For harness mounting I can give you a Schroth rally end that you can bolt along side the seat belt receptacle that you can snap your lap belt in to (I might have 2 and you can use the other end for mounting the other end of the lap belt to the OEM seat belt location) or I can share some part numbers for mounting an eye bolt there to snap the lap belt onto, for around $5.

I can probably ship UPS for $65 if I can fit it into a 34" wardrobe box from UPS, otherwise it will be $100 (UPS oversize charges). I am pretty certain I can fit in the 34" box though for the cheaper (LOL) shipping.

I will get back from my business trip Saturday evening and I can take some more photos then if you would like of this seat or the Sparco. I probably have enough stuff to get a full mounting kit for the Sparco as well, for sure I do for direct floor mounting and maybe for a slider as well)


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