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I do, I have 3:

Edit: Recaro is confirmed sold but I have the other 2 halo seats.

Recaro Profi - with Recaro side mount, sliders, BK seat track adapter, tunnel side seat belt receptacle adapter, and sub bar. This seat is older and was originally red but I bought new seat cushions and seat cover and recovered it so it looks new. I just took it out of my car because I got a 2nd Profi XL.

Recaro Profi Recaro Profi XL SPG Fixed Bucket Racing Seat-Stable Energies

Cobra evolution pro GT width halo seat, 2013 date. With cobra allow side mounts, sliders, and I have a seat track adapter and possibly a sub bar and seat belt receiver.

Very similar to this one:

Sparco circuit pro - not GT width - in black but with one red seat cushion. This one is a little older (as is the Recaro). I may have side mounts, adapters, etc but I would have to dig around a little. I don't have a picture but I can get one. I couldn't find this one online (I will search later, I am in a work training right now)

Unfortunately I don't have a matched pair of anything. If you are interested I can get some pictures and some prices (I haven't really thought about selling them until I got my car sorted which I just did, and I am at a 1 week work training right now, so pictures would have to wait until I get back). Actually I may have some pictures in email, pm me your email and I will send what I have and when I get back I can take some more if desired.


Edit: these would be good HPDE seats. Only the Cobra is still in-date with regard to FIA and it only has a year or so left. Many club racing organizations allow the use of out of date seats with a back brace installed.

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