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WTB: 2000-2003 Boxster S, Low miles and well-kept

I totalled my Miata a few weeks ago. In search of a replacement I found that the older Boxsters cost in the same ballpark... so, I'm looking.

I'm still waiting on the other guy's insurance to offer me the right amount for my totalled car, that should be this week.

For once in forever, I'm considering an automatic, so it can be either.
I've found a bunch of ones that meet my criteria for in the $10k ballpark with between 60k and 85k miles. I've learned that people on forums like this usually love their cars and maintain them well.

Tell me what you have. Location only matters a little. It is worthwhile for me to fly and drive the car home... but east coast cars might be a tough sell with the travel time needed.

Thanks all!
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