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EBS Stainless X-51 style oil baffle $100


For sale, 1 EBS stainless X-51 style baffle, used, removed when I upgraded to the LN 2 QT Deep sump kit that included a version of this same baffle (or else I would have kept the baffle and adapted it to the deep sump kit)

Can be used as is with the stock oil pan cover, or possibly adapted the one of the deep sump kits that come with a horizontal windage tray like the Techno sump or the mantis (there is a thread on Plant 9 -I will find it and update this thread)

This baffle is not compatible with the .5 deep sump kits from BK or LN, those take a different version of the EBS baffle.

  • The baffle
  • The 3 bolts that hold it on to the oil pan cover (and 3 washers too I think)

What you will need:
Why did I upgrade? After doing more tracking, and as my speeds were picking up and I'm moving to R-Comps, I wanted more protection. I run my oil a little low (for AOS smoke bomb prevention, I run it halfway between the low mark and the high mark on the dash gauge) and so I wanted the extra 2 quarts of oil. I did install an oil pressure gauge and on the fastest sweeper (turn 1) at Roebling I noticed a dip in oil pressure down to around 20-25 PSI which I didn't like Then I got a smoking deal on an LN 2 QT Deep sump so I went with that.

$100 shipped and paypalled in the continental US. Will update with a few pictures tomorrow, but nothing to see really

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