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LN 2 QT Accusump system on ebay for $750

No affiliation but there is an out of box but unused 2 QT Marine accusump kit on eBay, that includes the LN Spin on adapter and the billet oil filter, sandwich adapter, and 35-40 PSI EPC valve. It says "sans wiring and electrical pieces" but there is really only 1 electrical piece, that is the EPC valve. Maybe they mean the toggle switch but that is easily replaceable. H&vxp=mtr#viTabs_0

No affiliation, and not my listing, but if this includes everything it says it does I think it is the best priced accusump kit out there (counting the ln spin on adapter and billet oil filter)

If I was to buy this I would ask for a picture of everything included, post here and one of us can tell if anything is missing.

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