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Originally Posted by JayG View Post
If you don't have PSM, it should not be a problem, less than 3% difference in diameter when new

It will change your speedo a little, IIRC, it will read slightly slower than before. Not a big difference in any case

Not sure if I would want to buy used RS3's as they are not long tread life anyway
No PSM, just TC. I got 4 225/40/18 fronts each with some life left so I think I will just put a set on and try out my 285/35/18 backs and see. I may use them for autocross since we drive on some rough pavement sometimes.

Yeah buying used tires especially ones like these is a crapshoot. I have been seeing some tires with a decent amount of life left coming for sale now that the RE71R are for sale, currently that is the hot "cheaty" tire in autocross with a 200TW. Apparently they are more like a 100TW like a Nitto NT-01 and wear just as fast. That's were I got mine from, a guy got a set of the new RE71R for his Z4 so I got his old RS3
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