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well, a couple of thoughts.

the elise is a fantastic car, but it's ONLY a toy. spartan and brute interior; not much of a touring car. it will be hard to get a lady to take repeated mountan trips with you; girls will hate it in the long run and my guess is that unless you get serious track time, so will you.

the S2000 is also a fantastic car but also very spartan. the interior is all business as is the ride. they SCREAM when wide open, but are not nearly as tractable around town as a boxster. i'm not knocking this car, on the contrary i LOVE it. it's missing something, though. it's communicative, but it's a muted communication. maintenance will be far better than either of the other two cars; cost of ownership will be far less than the other two cars.

all of us here will be biased toward the boxster. it's rewarding, comfortable, quick, lively and very communicative. they require a bit of preventative maintenance, but nothing horrible. they really come alive on the track; they need little preparation for a hard day of running. it grows on you every day you drive it. i've had mine for years and i still smile when i get in every morning. i bought it as a 'toy' but wound up never driving my other car (G35, go figure). never regretted my choice.
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