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Full Power Seat Installation

I have the driver’s side seat bottom to a full power seat and I’m planning to install it in my 2000 Boxster that has the basic two-way power seat. (“Two-way” apparently means that the seat back moves forward and backward. Everything else is manual.) I decided to do this because I am regularly taking 100-mile trips in the car and I’d like to vary my seating position more frequently. I received a fair deal on the seat bottom. Unfortunately, the seat back was in bad condition so I decided to buy just the bottom and save shipping cost on the back.

Apparently the tricky part is the wiring. Here is a YouTube video I found on the subject:

This is pretty good information, but I have a few special problems because I don’t have the seat back or the wiring that goes to it. Also, the seller had to disassemble the seat to ship it and the connectors were not attached to the memory module when I received it. So, I have to figure where each connector goes.

Here is a picture of what I have with my best guess at connector location:

If you look closely, starting on the left, the first 6 connections are labeled in German.

I think I have been able to translate it pretty well, but if anyone else is better at German, please feel free to correct me.
1 – Lehne – Rest (back rest) - currently not occupied because I don't have the backrest
2 - Höhe hinten – height rear
3 - Höhe vorne - height front
4 – Langs – length – (front/aft seat adjustment)
5 – Tastatur – Keypad - Blue/Black connector seems to fit here - assume it connects to the seat controls
6 – Spannungs versorgung – power supply - this seems to be the location that the tech uses in the YouTube video.

From what I have been able to gather from research on several forums, the memory controller in the driver seat is what controls the servo motors; i.e. when you push an adjustment button, the button talks to the memory controller, and the controller instructs the motor to move. So, unfortunately its not as simple as just plugging the seat into power. That is why the YouTube video shows the technician making a jumper.

So, I'm planning to hook the power up to socket #6 and then I'm going to have to figure out how to power the seat recline function. I'll probably need to look closely at the connector in my current seat and figure out how to adapt it to the memory controller. I'm assuming that the seat recline function is controlled by socket #1. Ultimately, I think I will need to hook the seat up to a power source and do some trial and error.

Here are my questions - your responses may save me some time:

1. Does anyone have a good basic diagram for wiring the seats? (The YouTube video helps a bit, but I work better from a diagram.)
2. Does anyone know what size/part number for the connectors that the tech used to make the jumper?
3. Does anyone know where the motor that controls the seat-back recline function is located on a 2-way power seat? I'm assuming it is at the base of the seat back, but I'd like to confirm this before I disassemble the two-way seat in my car.
4. Any other tips or suggestions?

Here are the other threads that I have been able to locate that touch on this topic:

Installing full power seats

As you will see, some of the poster offered to post diagrams, but I haven't been able to find them.

By the way, here is a picture of the seat bottom from the sellers ad. It may help someone with sharp eyes assist me:

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