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Yeah, I've done that.
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Welcome aboard! She looks nice. Beautiful color.

Originally Posted by hazardc View Post
2000 S, just hit 44k on the odometer.

Has a few issues i need to address. Someone stole the ash tray out of it (but left my DSLR and a brand new head unit that was sitting in the car.)
Get one of the non-ashtray inserts to replace it. Looks better IMHO

Originally Posted by hazardc View Post
Drives well. It'll need tires soon
Sumitomos on mine, are just about the least expensive but decent quality tire

Originally Posted by hazardc View Post
The top doesn't work right, the window is messed up, the thing that the top clamps too has an issue with the screws stripping out. I messed something up when doing a single-DIN install (preouts going to stock amp)... I didn't know about the wire that activates the immobilizer... but now that i've straightened that out, I can't get the car to lock properly and the keyfob just doesn't do anything (single beep if i lock by hand, no blinking red light on dash anymore... i'm not sure. My wing also isn't going up by itself right now. no idea what happened. the wing light comes on and stays on until i put the car into a forward gear and start moving.
I had the same issue with the dome light/header assembly being loose. I wound up putting two nutserts into the metal frame, now it is rock solid.

The spoiler dash light is the correct behavior. It should come on and stay until you begin to move forward and then go out. How do you know it's not going up when you hit 70? I didn't think mine was working, but I used my video on my phone to chek it out. Basically got up to about 60 with th top down, hit record, held the phone up pointed it the rear deck and hot the accelerator. Sure enough when I hit 70 it came up. When I slowed it dropped.
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