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new... just bought. '00 S

2000 S, just hit 44k on the odometer.

Has a few issues i need to address. Someone stole the ash tray out of it (but left my DSLR and a brand new head unit that was sitting in the car.)

Drives well. It'll need tires soon

Never have really been into boxsters, or even porsches in general. I've mostly worked on turbo 4 applications. Always was turned off by the "low" power levels, but this car was a dream to drive from day one (have had it for just over a week now)

The top doesn't work right, the window is messed up, the thing that the top clamps too has an issue with the screws stripping out. I messed something up when doing a single-DIN install (preouts going to stock amp)... I didn't know about the wire that activates the immobilizer... but now that i've straightened that out, I can't get the car to lock properly and the keyfob just doesn't do anything (single beep if i lock by hand, no blinking red light on dash anymore... i'm not sure. My wing also isn't going up by itself right now. no idea what happened. the wing light comes on and stays on until i put the car into a forward gear and start moving.

Needs ignition switch, i'll do it this week.

So basically every little interior issue Boxsters have, I still need to take care of!

Cosmetically it's super nice other than the back window. It just has some kind of exhaust on it. I'm not sure what it is, but it's deep and really subtle. I like it. Not too loud.

My only plans right now are to get everything back to normal, I'm having a friend do a nice detail on it this week... Eventually I would like to get a set of wheels. I kind of like how those forgestar F14 wheels look, but I am still a little skeptical of them when it comes to quality.

The car is a blast, having more fun without brutal acceleration that i'm used to... nice to just cruise and wear the tires out going around the corners. Never thought I'd like something with just 250hp THIS much!

Got a great deal on it. Friend was moving across the country and offered me the car for slightly less than what a dealership was going to give him.... once i drove it, it was a no brainer!

Looking forward to putting some more miles on it. I like to put miles on my cars. I don't like having the roof up, ever. I'm not sure how long the stock clutch typically holds up, but I intend on doing something to prevent IMS failure when i have to do the clutch. Maybe sooner. I feel like I'm kind of gambling by not just doing it, but also just don't have the desire to tear apart the car right now.

One question (that i could probably look up) ... are there usually tell-tale signs that IMS failure is imminent or is it something that's usually just instant and catastrophic?

I'd rather not have a blown up boxster.... been keeeping an eye on the LS swaps. I was planning on swapping a mildly built 5.3 LS engine into something at some point... I'd like to see more examples and more feedback on that swap at some point... but the car is more than enough right now to have a LOT of fun with. I'd rather not HAVE to pull an engine out
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