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Need help. Have a solid coolant light and i cant figure it out..

1999 2.5 has a solid coolant light on. Left it on a revved it for 2 min at 3k rpm amd left it on for 10 mim but the temp didnt fluctuate or move at all. Coolant level was normal i added a cup of water and it just spit out through the rear passenger wheel area(assuming its the overflow?). Should i replace the coolant sensor? I just want to get that light off and make sure im not overheating later when i start driving it to work again. Any help is greatly appreciated

When my front end accident occured my coolant light turned on. I assumed my radiator took a hit but it looks totally fine i brought it to my uncles shop he said it appeared okay as well. Is there a sensor or something that might have triggered it? Im gonna fill it up with coolant to see if the light goes away or if it leaks somewhere else
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