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Originally Posted by RandallNeighbour View Post
You can buy the pieces from a stealership and drill holes in your rollbar and use a rivet to secure the pieces and voila! you have a factory looking center windscreen.

Call Sunset Imports in Oregon. Their prices are good for out of state purchasers.

I'd buy the actual windscreen and rollbar inserts used off fleaBay if I were you. They're awfully expensive from the stealership's parts counter.
I bought a used wind deflector from a Porsche scrap yard. The frame needed the fastening levers replaced, and the perplex was scratched so I ordered a replacement off of ebay. The rollbars have the holes already drilled, at least mine did, and it was pretty easy to install. You just need to buy a cheap rivet gun. There's loads of posts about the installation on this forum. All up it cost me about $300 Australian. It's well worth it.
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