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Thanks so much for putting the time and effort into publishing all this info.It was a lot of extra work for the benefit of the 996/Boxster community.As far as I know this is the only such diy guide to this important project.
Would you happen to be selling an old 944 strut part?? I need one and when I am done I'll pass it on to the next Forum member who needs it .I'll also add to your excellent write up.
I am trying the pulling with a Harbor Freight 12 ton puller.It will be interesting to see if it will fit .Certainly a little grinding will be required to fit. Yes, it was a lot cheaper than the German Kuko puller!But only if it works.
Surprised not to see the sealed bearings in your parts purchased list. I think I recall you bought the parts from Eric at Gbox?
Thanks once again for your work.
Mod: That work should be preserved in a special section on this Forum ?
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