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A professional PPI will tell you that the wheel bearings are going bad.

Or that the water pump is seeping and will need replacement (but not dripping because anyone could see that).

Or that there is a check engine code stored in memory that has not yet caused the CEL to be illuminated.

Or that the suspension bushings are all worn and that the shocks need replacement.

Or that the CV boots are split and so the CV joints need to be rebuilt.

Or that... well, you get the idea.

Unless you know how to check for all of these things (and many, many more) do not do the PPI yourself.

Many owners will accept a large deposit (cash) on the car along with a copy of your drivers license plus the keys to your existing car and the registration proving that you own it. Then the seller will let the buyer take the car for the PPI. If you never return, they have your deposit and your car plus ID to have you arrested.

I don't care where you get a PPI done, but please get one!
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