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Decision time, offer accepted on 02 S

Been watching this car for 3 weeks at local dealer. 02 S 29K miles new tires, 70% brakes, dent by right rear tire and rear window/plastic will need to be replaced by end of next summer. Started at 16999 and they accepted 14850. Porsche dealer PPI is $350 and I've had 4 of these done previously and found them to be a complete waste. They state that the wipers work, blinkers work, etc., but never offer any real sound advice or opinions on the car. I'm thinking of skipping the PPI, what would they really find that would make me not buy the car? Considering buying it and taking it right to a local independent Porsche specialist for an oil change, etc.

I really wanted to be in the $10-12K range but prices are just not that low. Only other viable option out there is another 02 S with 51K miles for $16,500. It'll be end of summer and that car will be over 60K miles....I'm thinking starting with 29K miles is a much better place to start my ownership. Plus, I plan on driving this car so it does not need to be a garage queen.

Guess I'm just looking to think out loud here and make a final decision by tomorrow afternoon.
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