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Originally Posted by fasted911 View Post
thanks for the advice.did you drill holes at top and than 180' (below)right in the middle of head timeing chains gear.?
That's me. I have some youtube posts out there explaining why this should fix the problem and how to do it. Cheap and easy. Use a fully sealed IMS bearing with grease and with a full Viton seal. A good Nachi bearing fitting this bill can be had for 10 to 35 bucks. Get the $10 bearing it's the same one as the $35 one. I also saw a sealed ceramic that looked promising, but make sure you get the right type of ceramic. If, and that's a big if, the grease can be kept in the steel bearing it should be fine. That's why I went for high temp grease in a high temp full seal bearing (Viton) and relieved the pressure in the IMS.
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