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Originally Posted by jassmix View Post
I need codes for 1999 Boxster
Becker 1
Type 4462

Have you tried reading this thread? Even the post just before yours?

Give it a try before asking for someone to do the work for you
Or go to the dealer and they will give it to you. Of course,they will probably charge you to do it

Do I mind generating a code, no. But do a little research first. It seems many of the code requesters it is their first post, or 2nd or 3rd. At very least read the very thread you are posting in !

Everyone here ( well most) is/are happy to help. You will learn more about your car with a little reading
I like most on this forum have spent a lot of time looking through the threads before asking for help.
Don't be lazy.
If you can't find the answer, or it did not work, by all means ask for help.

Ok, off my soapbox
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