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Just wanted to update on this ..

I just got called out front again as they didn't come on just now .
Following advice given earlier in this thread , I had done a little research into the headlight switch .
So I went out and turned them on and off about 10 times , and still nothing .
So I did the other "trick" I had read about ... Pulled out the switch so fogs came on then banged it in with the heel of my hand .
HEY VIOLA !!!! Instant light

I could have been pro-active and used contact cleaner as I use it at work ,but wanted the fault to reappear first so I could diagnose . (Plus , I'm very lazy)

Ignition switch was changed out to an Audi one last year , and I guess I should have done the lightswitch at the same time ....

I'll get one ordered tomorrow .

Thanks for the help guys , and a big thanks to whoever wrote about the "heel of the hand" trick that I read on here a week or so ago
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