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I hate this. I have got it down now where when I am getting in the car, I lift the handle, and then pull the door open in 2 distinct steps. Otherwise the door catches.

My passengers are harder to train... and anyway now that window doesn't stay down when the door is open, which is the microswitch in the door lock assembly. I have got the parts... just don't want to dive into that door. But when it was working it was slow too.

I have read if the windows drop slow on the 944 you can speed them up just by replacing the window switch, which somehow lets more electricity to the motor. (the article was a buying guide for 944 and said this was a common issue with an easy fix) I wonder if there is some relay or connection that is worn out in the boxster and not letting enough juice through to the window motor when the handle is lifted. Or if we just have to train our passengers to life the handle first, and then open the door once the window drops...

Anyone that has a 986 that bought it new, were the windows faster when new?

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