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Originally Posted by onaFLYer View Post
Is that from a 997 or 987? I need to upgrade my setup on 986S.
It came of a Cayman R with 30k mile so this is a 997 part (same part as the 997 911)

And that is the upgrade

The idea is to put a 3.6 TB on a 3.2 engine ( I hade a 01S, but sold it befor I got the chance to install the setup).
As you can see in the picture, the kit includes the TB with a brand new 997 planum.
2 silicon reducers (that you will need to cut to size) that will allow you to fit the new planum to your existing intake manifold, and all the screws and guskets you will need.

This setup will also fit any 2.7 engine.
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