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Originally Posted by Yellow986S View Post
It's time to change my motor mount and tranny mount.
I am thinking of using a semi sold motor mount and just a new oem tranny mount.
Will there be a lot more vibrations because of using a semi solid mount together with a stock mount?
I am trying to get rid of the slack and stiffen up the car a little but don't want something too stiff that it is not enjoyable.
The semi-solid motor mount alone was too much vibration for me on the street. You could noticibly feel it (and see the vibration in the mirrors) at a stop light. That big chunk of rubber in the OEM engine mount does a surprisingly good job at dampening.

Of course, your tolerance level might be different/higher but I do drive my Boxster to/from the track and around town a bit with 450/500 lb springs and the PSS9's set to full hard so I'm not afraid of some harshness.
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