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Race 808 Wheels from Wheel Dynamics or Forgestar or Victor?

During my PPI I was told that I needed to replace my front tires asap. Upon looking at the DOT I see that the front tires were manufactured in 2002 and the rear tires in 2003, likely OEMs. So, I can either replace the tires with new 17" Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3 or take this time to purchase some aftermarket wheels with 18" Michelin Pilot Super Sports.

I really like the look of the Race Inc. 808 wheels sold by Wheel Dynamics. A couple fellow forum members have them on their car, and I really like the way they look. (I realize drbodzin's are 19" wheels, but I think 18" will provide better ride comfort and still a look good.)

But, there is some negative feedback on other forums about Wheel Dynamics, so I am a little concerned. Not that it is a big deal, but their web site has quite a few typos, and tons & tons of disclaimers, which is a big deal. Also, they want $170 more for the same Michelin tires as TireRack, with shipping the same cost.

So, I started looking at the Forgestar and Victor wheels. Has anyone here had a bad experience with Wheel Dynamics, or a good story about Forgestar or Victor wheels?

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