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I would hate to be the guy who catches the Golf ball with adhesive in the head. Not the person being chased at 70 -90 mph the poor guy standing or driving when the cop shots at those speeds and misses. Ya this isn't the movies F/F were the chopper swoops down and tags the car. I was always told by my dad you can't beat the motorrola and this is what the cops need to use more. I agree high speed pursuits are not needed and more dangerous for the public. For the cop the mojo starts flowing but they need to stop and think about what there doing. This is a little personnel for me as a good friend was T-boned by a crusier in a high speed chase with a guy who was speeding and blew a stop sign. Not exactly a bank robbery or Homicide. Multiple injuries thousands of dollars of medical bills and it was a 16 y/o kid with dads car screwing around. Nice .........
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