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2000S with 108k. It had 103k when I bought it in December. I love it! I had the ln double row bearing put in and previous and owner took really good care and fixed all the stuff like aos, maf, ignition switch, and new clutch. I'm loving it!

Edit to provide additional information. I have service records going back around 50,000 miles.

LN Engineering double row IMS bearing retrofit

Bank 1 precat oxygen sensor replaced
Replaced fuel and oil caps due to cracked seals

Clutch replaced, clutch assembly disk, pressure plate, and throwout bearing
Ignition switch replaced
Parking brake switch replaced (top not working)
AOS Replaced
RMS Seal replaced
IMS Seal replaced

Sometime within the last 20,000 miles (I don't have that one in front of me)
Front engine mount replaced

When I find that folder I will update here with more info, there is also some regular maintenance like spark plugs.

I do not have a record of the water pump ever being replaced.

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