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Originally Posted by Ian c View Post
I called at the sign shop after work yesterday but they where shut .
I thought about it last night and I'm thinking of getting the same style and colour numbers for both cars then it will be easier to make new numbers should one car not be allowed to use its number .
You can not use the "driver #" on the PCA Zone 8 Car Class

They use some other source for assigning numbers, not sure where.

A few new folks bought numbers based on the Car Class system and were surprised to find those numbers are not valid at PCASDR events.

They should give you your permanent number at an Auto-X event.

Also, in case you did not know, when you create your car using the above link, in the "My Car" page, you can use the "Car Info PDF" (PDF) link to print a Tech Inspection sheet already filled out with all your info.

Very Convenient and impossible to lose.
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