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If at least they knew definitively what caused it, it wouldn't be so anxiety provoking. Out of balance crank, defective block, poor seating of the seal, etc..

Then a failure would be sufficient reason to fix the problem, and maybe install a 3.4L upgrade while you're at it. lol

The old harley shovel head and evo motors had a tendency to "blow by" oil(puke) out their breathers at high rpm's. It was messy. You'd come back from a hard run with oil splashed all over your nice shiny chrome. The "fix" was simple. Install a rubber hose off the breather so it would direct the puked oil harmlessly down underneath the bike. If you were eco friendly you might be inclined to put a small filter at the end of the hose to "catch" the oil. And so everyone lived with and loved that motor. Happily ever after.

Jeffn, if you get a RMS leak, it'll suck. If, you get one. If. You'll still love the
f'n car.
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