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"Markk, what does the e30 designation mean?

And, is that an M3 in the opening chase scene sequence in The Transporter?"


Well, I'm not Mark - but e30 refers to the 3-series body from 1983 - 91. The e30 m3 was the first m3, based on the 1986 model. The car gets amazing power out of an inline 4 cylinder engine.

(2.3l-16v I4) - 143kW/195bhp 0-60 mph - 6.9 s. Top Speed: 140 mph
(2.5l-16v I4) - 175kW/238bhp 0-60 mph - 6.2 s. Top Speed: 150 mph

And no, in the Transporter, that's a euro-spec (735i manual tranny) 7 series (e38 - 1995-2001).

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