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Key Removal Problem Solved

Hi all, thanks for the posts... I ordered the part ( Back Ignition Switch ) it showed up this morning, Moved steering wheel all the way forward... seat all the way back, then kinda did "The Limbo" under the dash.... not alotta space down there. First discovered I am missing the Vent tube that goes to the drivers side air vent... some one must have been under here already?... no big deal... made life easier... Pulled off purple wiring harness... then had to use just the bit from my screw driver set to loosen ( not remove ) the two screws on the sides of the Old Switch.... if I had removed them I would have lost them for sure... I actually did loos a small set screwdriver up there sign of both the screws hold the switch in not through holes in the switch... but as pressure points on the switch... small indentations that the screws move down into. pulled off the old switch... then put in the new one.. the tumbler mechanism with key still stuck in it, It took a few minutes to get it lined up properly with the new switch... when it does line up.. the switch snaps all the way the metal sides slots on both sides are flush with the tabs on the new switch. Finally re tightened the screws, on to new switch, then plugged the wiring harness back in. Got back in the seat... turn the key, and viola...started no problem.. then comes the real test... will the key come out????... turned ignition off and removed the key as smooth as silk...nightmare over!... everything works again, and I'm a happy man again.... Thanks for the help, any questions please feel free to contact me.




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