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Need key/ignition help

Hi all, thanks for thanks for taking the time to have a look at this, I've searched and can't seem to find a solution. Here's what happened..... I had my car at the detailer for a few days... when I went to pick it up today... they told me, they couldn't get the key out of the Ignition?... I got in and sure enough it was stuck....then we discovered that the car wouldn't start...battery was flat... ( I'm pretty sure they were listening to the radio for a few hours, and flattened it. ) The battery is new and the alternator is as well.... they put it on a charger for about 10 mins, and it started no problem. There were a few quirks at first... Windows would't roll up.... headlights wouldn't come on with out jiggling the key in the ignition..... and heater blower wouldn't come on. I'm thinking those issues were due to the low charge in the battery. The car starts & runs fine ...but I can not get the key out of the ignition ( I only have one key ).... The car is in the driveway with the key still in it, and the dash display led's lit... this may run down the battery again. I'm thinking this might be a security /alarm feature maybe? Here are a few things to Note in trying to figure this out..... the Battery & Alt. are fine..... The battery in my Key is fine... when I press the unlock/lock on the key the red led lights up on the key & on the upper dash, so they appear to be in sync..... the steering is not locked, so moving it back and forth is no problem... but does not help loosen the key. I've read that on newer models there is a small onboard tool in the fuse box, that manually releases a stuck key, when you remove a peice of plastic around the ignition key hole. Mine is a 99 Boxster, and does not have this tool or removable plastic slot...BUT it does seem to have a small hole that a paper clip might fit through. If it is an alarm feature... there must bee a sequence that one goes through... press this twicw, while holding that and doing this...etc.... any help is greatly appreciated.


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