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Beach, Keys and CHIPS

Went to the beach for a stroll with my honey today and drove the boxster through the Ortega hwy to get there. Ortega is the fun twisty canyon road in my area.

So walking with my toes in the surf, a bigger pacific wave cught me off guard with the boxster keys getting a bit wet with salt water.

I was worried it might foul the electronics but it still worked in this case.

Anyone know if the keys are waterproof?

Also, while at the beach we found a lucky dime and I had my girl make a wish and throw it in the ocean.

Well, on my way home I was blasting through the twisties at least 20 over the limit with other cars rapidly disappearing in the rearview, until a well faired motor cycle was on my tail. After a few minutes I realized it was CA highway patrol.....crap!

He followed me through for the next 15 miles and turned onto another road eventually without stopping me......nice!

A dime donated to the Pacific buys you a lot of grace with CHIPs on the Ortega hwy.
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