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Proper engine warm-up

I'm curious to see how other Boxster owners start their cars up when the engine is stone cold.

My routine consists of

Start and let idle for 1 min (not applying any gas pedal)

Take off and never let the engine go above 2500 RPM until 180deg is reached
(I have a tip, so it requires constant upshifting)

After 180deg is reached, give it hell

On shut down it is:

Let engine reach normal temps first.

Prior to shutting off engine, let it idle for 1 min .
(this lets a slobbery coat of oil coat all the parts at low rpm)

With all the well known int shaft issues, maybe RMS and cylinder sleves I just wonder if this is a result of improper warmup???

I grew up on a ranch and my grandfather would kick butt if I treated any ranch equipment other than the above.

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