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She is finally off jack stands.

So after sitting for a month and a half I finally put her back together and drove. Finished the job at 1:45am. I was thrilled to get behind the wheel again. For those of you that don't know I started a brake job that spiraled into a suspension overhaul.

Well any way now its been three days since I got her off and my rear brakes are still making a noticeable scraping sound. So I am a bit worried. I checked it out and found that one of the dust shields was bent in causing some of the noise but after bending it back I still get that metal to metal noise. I don't know, but I will raise her again and check it. I have the cquence rotors and pads. Slotted and Drilled. I also changed the ebrakes.

I really dont want to put her back on jack stands. Because look at her, I missed that.

But any way any ideas what could be causing the scraping.

Anyone who has cquence brakes ever experienced this.

Also its not a constant scrap is elliptical.
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