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The brake sensors are about as simple as can be: There is a loop of wire that goes to each brake pad and when the pads wear down, the wire is scored by the rotor which breaks the loop/circuit and the dash light is illuminated. There is no check for fluid level or anything else associated with the braking system.

Hence, if the brake dash light is coming on during hard breaking AND the pads are all in good condition, you most likely have a bad brake sensor/wire.

The fault could be an intermittent connection where the brake sensor connects to the rest of the wiring harness. Unplug each sensor and plug it back in and then go do a few hard stops to see if that fixes the problem.

They are also known to melt under hard braking (Melted Brake Sensors).

Or you might just be lucky and got a bad sensor cable when they were replaced.

Perform some simple troubleshooting to find which brake sensor is faulty (test one at a time) and then replace those found to be faulty. Or bite the bullet and replace all four and you should be good to go.

Like others, I removed all of the brake sensors from the pads and zip tied them out of the way. Manually checking pad wear takes about 20 secs per wheel using a small mirror and a flashlight. Problem solved.
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