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Squealing and grinding are two different noises with different causes/fixes.

Squealing with new brakes is caused by the pads vibrating as you slow. There are a number of anti-sqeal products and you may have to try more than one to find one that works.

Grinding with new brakes is more likley caused by the pads not being fully bedded-in - meaning that the pads are still mating to the rotors. For this, the solution is typically to perform a brake pad bed-in procedure. Most pad manufacturers have their own reccomendations.

Without a specific bed in recommendation from Mintex, I'd do 5-6 consecutive hard stops from 50-60mph to 10mph without coming to a complete stop. Then let the pads cool completely. The pads will get hot and start to smell and maybe even smoke a bit. The rotors should have a blue tint of brake pad material to them. After the brakes cool completely, the brakes should work normally.
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