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I bought my 2001 Boxter S in May 2012, with 55k Miles on it.

I have been autocrossing 2x this year so far so did maintenance to accomodate the racing. I did all the work myself, except tires

Here is what I spent on it:

New Hankook Tires al around: $650

Pressure brake bleeder: $55
New Front Brake pads: $220
Flush Brake fluid: $20

Reconnect separated Winshield washer spray hose and add clamp: $1

New touch screen does everything double DIN Stereo: $230

Turtle Black Box wax kit: $25

Racing Jack: 175

Oil and filter: $80

About $425 of that is regular type maintenance and the rest is upgrades and support equipment.

It would cost less if your not autocrossing as it eats up tires and brakes faster.
"It broke because it wants to be Upgraded "
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