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Originally Posted by Homeboy981 View Post
I did run it directly to the input so I could record trucks going off the road that are trying to follow (darn, I WISH I would have had it switched to "rearview" mode - I was making a "hands-free" call and listening to music at the same time - you can only do three things at once).
Haaa, thats funny.

We could start a new thread...."video- Cars trying to hang with a Boxster in the twisties"

I still have to install my rear camera to my double DIN. Is there a way you can hook it up to record?

Being at one end of the Ortega (Major Twisties) I have the perfect location to film cars bouncing off the new guard rails and perhaps flying off into the abyss of the ravines.

The canopy of bushes is so thick in those ravines I think the car would just land on top of a big cushion of branches.

Motor cyclists never hit the bottom either but get hung up in branches as well.

However, getting out would be another matter altogether and its likely that the mountain lions in the area would find you an easy meal in those ravines.

Just thinking out loud (with a sense of humor) and eagerly awaiting my drive home from work.
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