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Either of the above procedures will work, as will many others that are similar. The point is to get the pads up to temp so a light coating of pad material is deposited on the rotors. This means you need to get the brakes hot and they may even be smoking. You may feel the ABS pulsating during this procedure, so be prepared for that. You'll know you did it right when it smells like the brakes are burning. If you don't know what that smells like, trust me, you'll understand when you smell it. The rotors should have a grey or bluish look to them when you're done. Then let everything cool down.

Be careful not to sit at a stoplight with your foot on the brakes after doing this procedure or you will end up with an uneven deposit of pad material on the rotor and then you might feel pulsating in the pedal when braking as the pads hit the high spot.

Obviously, you'll need a safe place to do this so pick your location and time of day sensibly.
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