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Originally Posted by Homeboy981 View Post

Those instructions are a work of art! Little arrows and all. That must have taken some time! Even pics of the tools used. Looked better than a Pelican writeup.

Hope I never have to be up to my arse in dash! I only thought I wanted to paint that little-bitty trim piece running through the dash. After seeing how much work it is….I'll pass on the dash! If I ever have to, at least I will know how! Good writeup.

Not sure about the other link. Might try another file sharing site…or just post them here! Cannot have too many DIYs! You learn SOMETHING from everyone….even if it only to stay away! Present company excluded, of course!
Hi Mark.
Thanks man.
BTW I'm not sure you need to remove the dashboard, in order to get the stripes out.
They are held by screws from behind, and I think you can get to it by only removing the air tunnels. I'm n the road now, I'll check it and give you a call when I'm back home.

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