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Originally Posted by Topless View Post
This really is a pretty extraordinary program put on by PCA-SDR for only $350. Good to see you out there Ray. Your Sunday instructor said you absorbed like a sponge and are ready to taste a race track with confidence now.
Yaa, he was a great instructor and things were really starting to come together for me with his help.

I had such a blast doing it too as the confidence you get on Saturday gives you the guts to go and let it all hang out on Sunday feeling good that things probably wont get too far out of wack and if they do, no worries, just part of the learning experience.

The first wet lap on the Auto-x was a mess, knocked over all 5 cones on the slalom(late) , slid wide out side the track coming in too hot on one, and under braked at the 90degree right angle corner and slide straight through, but each lap after that was better and better.

I just had to get those cones out of the way .

The second session after the track dryed it was amazing how fast we got going.

Terrific fun!!!
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