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As far as DIY, I am pleasantly surprised that many things are dead easy and definately fine for the DIY types.

Just put on new front brake pads, easiest of any car I have ever done.

Just pull one pin and out they come. Must be designed that way for quick pit stops during a race.

Ive come to the conclusion that the 986 is not a consumer sports car but really designed as a race car and is easy to work on for regularly changed stuff, handles like a dream and goes like stink.

Drive it hard and you will be rewarded with the performance it was designed for.

I redline weekly, and shift between 4000-6000 the best part of the power band.

When I'm first in line at the light I love doing max performance launches up to the speed limit plus 3mph. When I look back the folks behind are are small in the mirrors. Love it!!!! Flaunt it if you got it!!!

Ive been driving the car to work...only Porsche in the lot and the guy with two Mercedes has talked to me and wants to trade his in for a 986 now as he has seen me having a blast and also wants that kind of fun from his ride...
"It broke because it wants to be Upgraded "
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