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Originally Posted by rene525d View Post
I recall that the last time we used a dye, It was visible on the back right side cover near the wheel well (close to the CAT). Is that where the pool of condensation exits? If so does it make sense that it only leaks when used?
the compressor is located on the left side of the engine, so i don't think it is leaking from the compressor it self.
how ever, the AC lines from the compressor to the evaporator, are running along the right side of the car (10 and 6 in the fig). i read in another tread, that sometime this lines are pinched when the car is not lifted correctly.
also consider (more likely) that the leak is coming from O-Rings 18&19. they are located right next to the right rear wheel.
if the evaporator was leaking, you will have a funky small in your air vents.
you will also be able to see the dye coming out with the condensed water coming out exactly in the center of the car.

edit: forgot to add the fig.
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