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My boxster got its weekly rinse, wash, drying and this time my chamois was leaving some smears.

I made the mistake of leaving the chamois out in the sun to dry and forgot it there for a couple days. I think the sun broke down the fibers or something because it seems to be leaving chamois particles when I wipe, like the material has broken down.

I could not stand the smears so I got out the Mothers carnuba wax and rewaxed the trunk and frunk where the chamois got streaky....much better now.

Is there any special care for a chamois? I seem to recall when I was a younster my dads chamois lasted for probably 10 years and mine is only 4 months old and seems to be failing (Picked it up from autozone)

Should I switch to microfiber towels or just get a better quality chamois?

Maybe I'm just a little too new to Porsches but washing and waxing a Boxster is like foreplay with a sexy woman, caressing her smooth curving lines with a foamy sponge, seeing her skin glisten with the water beading up on her, rubbing the wax gently on her with long languid stokes and polishing her up to a deep glowing sheen.
Im afraid Im enjoying it just a little too much. Have I gone mad or do others feel this way about their Boxsters too?
"It broke because it wants to be Upgraded "
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