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Sounds like I just need to use the 2 bucket and get a grit guard.

If the pressure sprayer does not remove all the road grime and perhaps adds its own gotchas then I better stick with the sponge/mitt and just be more careful.

I read up on the "Turtle Wax Balck Box" pigmented wax for black cars and seems to be a good way to hide the small flaws until the next repaint.

I use a car soap wash that breaks the surface tension and the makes the water run away really well (No beading) with fewer streaks and it has some carnuba wax in it as well.

I then pull into the garage out of the sun and dry it with a chamois and always get a big smile when it comes out looking like new.

It gets washed weekly due to all the dust in Southern California.

My dirt/gravel driveway is also a pain because the radiator fan comes on at the most inopportune moment while I'm crossing the dirt into the garage and blows up a dust cloud from under the car.

Does anyone know of a dust suppressant for dirt driveways.
I don't want to concrete or pave it as I will likely be moving out within a couple years.

Someone should make a way to positively charge the cars exterior so it repels dust.
Adding wax just makes it better insulated from static discharge so it retains its negative charge better and attracts even more dust.
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