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Pressure Washers

I recently, taking great pains to be careful with my new 2001 Black Boxster S, managed some how to put fine scratches in my door with a sponge.

Must have been something abrasive on/in the sponge I did not see.

Fortunately there are only a couple on the drivers side.

With that in mind I began to wonder if maybe a pressure washer would be better and wondered what folks experiences are with those units?

I know the Boxster is not too big to wash by hand but I am on a dirt/gravel driveway and Im thinking some dirt splashed up onto my sponge or something, so a pressure washer being only the water to scrub the car is probably less prone to scratching in my case I am thinking.

Obviously you would have to be carefull about the top and the vents.

Comments, Suggestions?
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