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write-up from 101 projects
Pelican Technical Article: Replacing Boxster Spark Plugs and Coils - 986 / 987

pedro also has a really good write up (this is the one i used)

stateofidleness also did a write up on the forum here
Another Spark Plug DIY (for dummies)

1. put the car in the air
2. remove the back wheel(s)
3. using an allen bit, remove the 2 bolts on the coil packs, remove the coil packs
4. remove the spark plug
5. install new plug (30 Nm, no anti-seize (according to some))
6. replace coil pack (10 Nm on the bolts)
repeat for each plug (there are obviously 6)

they should come "pre-gapped" no need to adjust. if you drop one (like i did) the proper gap is (i believe) .028
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