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*** Initial Impression Update ***

My initial impressions:
  • PSS9's on full soft are fine for commuting on LA freeways.
  • PSS9's on full hard are way to0 stiff for commuting on LA freeways.
  • Car feels as solid as a brick.
  • The car corners very flat. Huge imrpovement over stock.
  • Corner turn in is quicker and very smooth.
  • Lower ride height looks great.
Set Up:
I asked to have the car setup biased more for the track than for the street but it still had to be livable around town since this is my daily driver.

Front camber: -2.75 deg
Rear camber: -2.0 deg

Front toe: 0.0 deg
Rear toe: +0.5 deg

Ride height: 100mm

Corner weights:
RF: 759 lbs
LF: 701
LR: 856
RR: 795

PSS9 Street: All full soft
PSS9 Track: Front full hard, rear 1-2 clicks from full hard

Of course, these settings may change once I get some track time. I'll post some lap time comparisions as soon as I have the data.
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